Kamis, 15 Januari 2015


i got some fact of mine. i really got. 
im talking about my awareness.
i think i already have much caring about anything, about people, things and everything in the universe. I feel that I've paid much attention to them. 
BUT some old friends made me realize that I was not sensitive to their existence. they thought that I was a very arrogant person who does'nt respond to their attention towards me. i mean FORGIVE ME ABOUT THAT. ill try to explain that im not that person, sometimes i just have disorder about awareness. and it happens out of my control. unconsciously.
it not my means.
i will always try to develop that things.

in short, always reflect on yourself. it will good to be true.

cheers, Z.

Senin, 12 Januari 2015

OHAYO 2015!

really happy to back again to my very old obsolote blog. 
you know, i missed you so much hahaha, even i dont think someone read this blog, but its ok. i just need to pouring out my over thinker mind system right now.
btw im in my room with the lovely cold weather that made me too lazy to finish all the activity. like i have to drive my car alone to univ with a state that it is raining, thing would happen is i would fantasize about my role as a woman who was in a romantic situation. hahaha....., i really hate that. so i choose made a trash of paper like this ;p

so whats topic that we choose?
hobbies? bored
talk about movies? bored
love? even i was very messy with it.

yesterday i visit my friend to somewhere called rehabilitation, and i look his journal since he was there. the containt of journal makes me interested. he write positive and negative things about himself everyday. it makes me want to do the same thing for my life. as i think maybe it usefull to instropection myself. 

how it looks that journal

Yes, I just said thatOne type of person who can succeed and grow is he knows himself and he can either introspection himself and refused to recognize what is in themselves.
but to write this, you should try to honestly express who you are first. then you'll got a right way after :p 
So, I dare to start with myself first :D

First, I am an ekstrofert and I'm proud of itI walk wherever I want and tend not to be separated at socialization, because in my opinion it is one of the important things in life. know a lot about the character and how to communicate and touching them one by one. but I also can be introfert sometimes. aloof, and tend to stay away from the community. it only sometimes, only if .....

Second, I'm an overly sensitive person, hehehe so often in thinking of something will be associated with the values of feeling.

Third, I'm an observer. I always enjoy the time that I spoke with many people and watching them one by one. it's like giving a cool breeze into me. the real reason I love watching a lot of things and people is when I know how their characters and I can behave like the norm that they profess. doesn't mean I do not own myself, I just want other people uncomfortable to me and I will do it my way by looking at their norm.

fourth, actuallly I'm weird, like seriously.... Karena gue sendiri ngerasa kalo misalnya apa yang gue lakukan based on fantasy or imagination yang gatau asal muasalnya dan mungkin gue bisa tertuduh menjadi orang yang berdelusinasi :p 
But cmon'.. There's no such thing as a 'Common People' yang straight dan general dan terlalu ngikutin life demand. Have your own style and proud of it!

Masih banyak lagi sih... kayak misalnya gue itu orangnya over think, too strict, anxiety, tend to not finish something, and this and that and thoooose thing that I couldn't say it one by one in here.

Well, I know it's not easy to step out from your comfort zone, but that doesn't mean it's IMPOSSIBLE!

My Lady Audrey Hepburn once said: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!"
Untuk melakukan hal-hal sesuai diri kamu emang butuh waktu, but you will find the advantages from that. Believe me!